Writing Acceptance Tests has never been easier!

Pyccuracy is a Behavior-Driven Development Acceptance Testing framework.

Here in the project team we coined the term BDT (Behavior-Driven Testing) because the former is just too big a word.

If you are new to Pyccuracy and just want a quick start, go check Getting Started.

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Pyccuracy features a very simple, yet powerful test-runner

One of Pyccuracy's goals is to provide a zero-friction environment for the developer to run his tests in.

There is no need to configure anything to run your tests, if you don't need to.

Just follow the project's conventions and running your tests will be trivial.

Enjoy the glory of knowing your app does what your customer expects

Pyccuracy leverages your comprehensive suite of tests in results that your client cares about.

A post-run report that shows meaningful information on the stories and scenarios results and trends about your test suite are among features on the pipeline.

Pyccuracy is an open-source Python project with an OSI license.

The entry barrier for coding in Pyccuracy is really small, since the codebase is itself small as you can see in the stats above.

If you think you can contribute, join our dev list, check our JIRA server for the open tickets for the current release and start coding.