Getting Started
Selenium Browser Driver

Selenium Browser Driver is the current default in Pyccuracy.

In order to use it in your tests you need to run the Selenium Server prior to running your tests.

Let's see how we can download Selenium server.

Downloading Selenium server

To download Selenium server, visit Selenium HQ download area at and get Selenium-RC last release.

To run selenium server, you need a compatible java version, but this is out of the scope of this tutorial. Just locate the folder where selenium_server.jar is and run the following command inside it.

            java -jar selenium_server.jar

Next Step - Creating your first test

Pyccuracy is an open-source Python project with an OSI license.

The entry barrier for coding in Pyccuracy is really small, since the codebase is itself small as you can see in the stats above.

If you think you can contribute, join our dev list, check our JIRA server for the open tickets for the current release and start coding.