Getting Started
Creating your first test

Now you should have everything set-up. So it's time to have some fun!

Save a file called hello_world.acc in any folder you want and type the following in it:

		As a Google User
		I want to search Google for Hello World
		So that I can feel happy about writing tests

		Scenario 1 - Searching for Hello World
		  I go to ""
		  I fill "q" textbox with "Hello World"
		  And I click "btnG" button
		  I see "Hello World - Google Search" title

		Scenario 2 - Searching for Monty Python - Time for some fun after work
		  I go to ""
		  I fill "q" textbox with "Monty Python"
		  And I click "btnG" button and wait
		  I see "Monty Python - Google Search" title
Running the test

In order to run the test, just open a terminal in the folder you created the test in and type:


		If you haven't installed lXml, do pyccuracy_console -R False - this runs Pyccuracy with no after-test HTML report. 
If you need help type pyccuracy_console -h.

You should see the test running aqnd then the result of your test.

Just make sure Selenium Server is running before running pyccuracy_console.

Pyccuracy is an open-source Python project with an OSI license.

The entry barrier for coding in Pyccuracy is really small, since the codebase is itself small as you can see in the stats above.

If you think you can contribute, join our dev list, check our JIRA server for the open tickets for the current release and start coding.