Test File Conventions

If you follow a series of conventions in Pyccuracy, it will make your life a lot easier.

File Naming

Pyccuracy's default file naming is test_<whatever_your_test_does>.acc.

The .acc extension comes from Accuracy, the father project to Pyccuracy.

We thought of using .pyc, but that's for compiled python files.

So why using .acc as an extension so important? Because if you do, pyccuracy_console will find your files "automagically". "*.acc" is the default value for test file pattern in pyccuracy.

Test Files Header

Pyccuracy's test files need to feature a proper header.

Here are the headers for each language:.

English (en-us)
As a <persona>
I want to <story description>
So that <business value>

Português Brasil (pt-br)
Como um <persona>
Eu quero <descrição da story>
Para <valor de negócio>

Pyccuracy is an open-source Python project with an OSI license.

Being an open-source project, we need all the help we can get.

If you think you can contribute, join our dev list, check our JIRA server for the open tickets for the current release and start coding.

The entry barrier for coding in Pyccuracy is really small, since the codebase is itself small. If you need any help, just ask in the development list and we'll be happy to answer if we can