Getting Started

First Step - Installing Pyccuracy

Getting Started Guide

The objective of this guide is get you up and runnning as fast as possible with Pyccuracy.

Installing Pyccuracy

If you don't have Pyccuracy installed yet, this is the page to check.

Browser Driver Dependencies

If just installed Pyccuracy, but haven't setup the dependencies for your browser driver, or you don't even know what this is, just visit this page.

Creating your first test

Are you ready to create your first test? Go for it!

Where to go now?

Want to dig deeper? Check the for more resources on writing, running and acceptance testing. The docs for the current release is also a good place to look for help. If you can't find what you want anywhere else, try the Project Google Groups Page.

First Step - Installing Pyccuracy

Pyccuracy is an open-source Python project with an OSI license.

The entry barrier for coding in Pyccuracy is really small, since the codebase is itself small as you can see in the stats above.

If you think you can contribute, join our dev list, check our JIRA server for the open tickets for the current release and start coding.